Regrettably, many mentally and physically disabled children in underdeveloped countries are faced with a serious disadvantage as they are often considered too heavy an obligation on poor families and sometimes even viewed as a curse on their families. Many times, these children end up abandoned in orphanages, which lack the resources they need to adequately care for the children. As a result, many of these children die a very early death or live out their lives in substandard conditions.

Here are a few unfortunate statistics according to the United Nations, UNICEF, regarding these children:

  • There are close to 140 million disabled orphaned children worldwide.
  • 50 Million of this 140 million disabled orphan children live in Africa alone.
  • The average life span of these children is about 12 years.

Mission Statement

World Forgotten Children Foundation (WFCF) is a private non-profit effort, founded for the sole purpose of supporting projects in less developed countries that promote the health and welfare needs of suffering children, who are disabled and orphaned.